16 ridiculous moments from the Tomodachi Life trailer

Is this real life?

If you told me Nintendos next move during a time of annual losses and floundering console sales would be to localize a Japan-only life simulator, dedicate an entire Nintendo Direct to it, and have that Direct be the oddest thing theyve done in years, Id have laughed. Not because its absurd, but because its hilarious. And thus far, Tomodachi Life looks utterly hilarious.

Tomodachi Life may be one of those Japanese imports thats weird enough to get peoples attention, yet still familiar enough to catch on like wildfire. We wont know for sure until its released, but in the meantime, here are our favorite ridiculous moments from the reveal video.

Iwata is distracted

Bill kicks things off with a bang, but unfortunately, Iwata wasnt as prepared--in fact, he doesnt even seem aware that a Nintendo Direct is about to happen. He does seem aware of how adorable his dog is, though.

Reggie's body is nearly ready

Of course, Reggies name is synonymous with obsessive preparation and perfectionism, as is demonstrated here. Id heard about his training regimen, but finally seeing it in action is outright impressive.

Peach and Miyamoto, sittin in a tree

Bill Trinen stressed that romance plays a role in Tomodachi Life, and who else but Miyamoto to get involved with one of Nintendos oldest characters? I suppose Mario stands a chance to compete, but hes conspicuously absent throughout the presentation.


Its not as if Eiji Aonuma wants to be left out to dry, and after admitting his feelings, he promptly asks out Princess Z. Sadly, his boss was one step ahead of him.

Iwata the stone-cold killer?

Elsewhere, Reggie and Iwata dont seem to be getting along very well, though Im confused as to why Reggie resorts to verbal insults when he could instead resort to those bulging muscles of his.

Iwata is still distracted

Not only that, but words cut deeper than fists. Thanks Reggie--now Iwata has a dinosaur complex. Hows he supposed to focus on saving the Wii U?

All hail the Virtual Boy

Unless this is the answer to Nintendos problems. Or perhaps a hint at future VR endeavors. At least Nintendo embraces the Virtual Boy legacy now. If only in its weird, weird way.

Its my bear!

Still, not even Bill can escape Reggies cyber-bullying wrath. Im pretty sure he almost just ripped Bills Teddy bear to shreds. Does he plan to steal his lunch money while hes at it?

Never a dull moment

Mr. Trinen also made it clear that the game is loaded with unexpected surprises

Griffin Vacheron