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$15,000 Marvel vs Capcom 2 money match marks the end of an era

In what has to be one of the mosthype momentsin a game with a long history of them, pro MvC2 players Clockw0rk and Neo went toe to toe this weekend at the West Coast Warzone tournament, each of them putting fifteen thousand dollars on the line in a truly epic money match. The match was a first to 15 wins scenario, so prepare yourself for 90 minutes of great MvC2 play, screaming commentary and a positively electric crowd.Competitive fighting game videos don't get much better than this:

Even more interesting is the fact that both players avoid the typical Magneto/Storm/Sentinelmirror matches usually seen in pro MvC2 play; Neo opts for Cyclops and his shoryuken assist while Clockw0rk sticks with his patented (and awesome to watch) Strider/Doctor Doomlockdown tactic. Even if you're not a huge MvC2 fan, the energyand excitement here is palpable (and audible), and the pro commentary from Justin Wong and other players reallyadds to the hype. MvC2 made it's final EVO tournament appearance last year at EVO 2010, and this insane exclamation point is a great way to send offone of the most beloved fighting games of all timeand usher in the upcoming MvC3.


Jan 19, 2010

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