15 months later, Angry Birds is coming to Facebook

Where do you go with a game once it's been downloaded 100 million times, set records on the iPhone and Android, made plans for console releases and been in contact with a movie studio? Angry Birds developer Rovio has put up a huge banner on the game's Facebook page, devoted exclusively to the forthcoming Facebook excursion. All it advertises, though, is that people who "Like" Angry Birds will receive more news when it's available...

Angry Birds is pretty much the definition of a viral game; it spread throughout the iPhone and mobilecommunity with nary a development or marketing budget. Its accessible gameplay and cartoony demeanor caused an explosion of interest that ultimately turned into a raging forest fire of sales, so bringing it to Facebook definitely makes sense. It has already conquered the mobile and console space, which it did easily because it could pretty much just port over the iPhone interface.

Angry Birds may seem like an odd fit for Facebook, which is home to games that rely on social interaction and large friends lists for popularity. Angry Birds, on the other hand,is a solo experience that doesn't play to Facebook's strengths.Perhaps Rovio will later the game to some degree, or maybe they'll just port it over -with 100 million downloads, it's certainlypopular enough to sell itself.

That said, we're bound to see some changes to the standard gameplay. There could be a larger focus on the pigs, but other than that no details or hintshave been revealed. While we wait for further information, we can spend time playing the new St. Patrick's Day version ofAngry Birds Seasons, which is coming out in a matter of days. We expect it to be, well, Angry Birds with a lot of shamrocks.

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Mar 4, 2011