15 Globetrotting Movie Heroes

Liz Gilbert

The Hero: Unhappy with the direction her life is going, Eat Pray Love ’s heroine Gilbert decides to seize the reigns and give herself a spiritual overhaul to realign her life.

Places Travelled: As part of her karmic make-over, Gilbert trots all over the place, taking in Naples, Pataudi and Bali in her quest for enlightenment.

If She Came To Blighty: You could probably add ‘Drink’ to that title, as that’s the closest thing to a spiritual experience you’re likely to find in British bars.

Indiana Jones

The Hero: A professor of archaeology, Dr Jones also likes to get his hands dirty as an adventurer, tackling Nazis and evil voodoo tribesmen. But mostly Nazis. (Oh, and aliens, but only if you accept Crystal Skulls as canon.)

Places Travelled: Connecticut resident Dr Jones has been all over the place, making pit stops in Nepal, Cairo, India and Venice. Talk about carbon footprints…

If He Came To Blighty: He’d no doubt stumble on an evil genius’ quest to find Excalibur and become king of the world.

Lara Croft

The Hero: Fish-lipped, parachute-bra-wearing action heroine who’s seriously moneyed, but likes to fight evil masterminds, which means we like her.

Places Travelled: First Cambodia and Siberia to stop corrupt organisation the Illuminati, then to Shanghai and Africa to stop Pandora’s Box being opened, Lara really racks up the air miles.

If She Came To Blighty: Well, Lara’s from Blighty, so she’d fit right in. Though a guest stint on The Secret Millionaire could do wonders for her profile.


The Hero: Nicknamed Strider, Aragorn II was raised in Rivendell by the elves after the death of his father. There, he was sheltered from those who might seek to kill him - he's the heir of Isildur, see. Together with the Fellowship of the Ring, he manages to return order to Middle Earth.

Places Travelled: All over Middle Earth in his fight to defeat Sauron, from Bree’s Inn Of The Prancing Pony to Rivendell, Edoras, Minas Tirith and beyond…

If He Came To Blighty: Aragorn would make short work of the numerous medieval battle re-enactments that take place on our hallowed shores – though best give him a fake sword, eh?

Luke Skywalker

The Hero: Young farmboy who holes up with his aunt and uncle, Skywalker is whisked off for an adventure among the stars that sees him facing off with Darth Vader in a battle to the death that will determine the future of the universe.

Places Travelled: More planet-hopping than globe-trotting, Luke leaves behind his home globe of Tattooine, hits ice planet Hoth, meets Yoda on Dagobah and discovers a deeply disturbing secret at Bespin’s Cloud City…

If He Came To Blighty: He’d probably struggle to find farm work thanks to the current economy, but he could always set up his own Skywalker Ranch and charge bucket-loads on the door.

James Bond

The Hero: The world’s most famous Martini-swilling spy, Bond is MI6’s finest double-o agent, and excels at charming and/or fighting his way out of any tight situation.

Places Travelled: Of all the movie heroes, Bond’s sheer longevity (technically, he’s been sleuthing since 1962) means he’s been to pretty much every picturesque location Earth has to offer.

If He Came To Blighty: Brit boy Bond would feel right at home here, though if he’s looking to shake things up, how about a night class in flower arranging or cake baking? Would make a change from the macho warfare.

Jason Bourne

The Hero: Amnesia-suffering Special Forces agent Bourne is best-known for his ability to make a weapon out of just about anything, and the awesome fighting prowess he conceals behind his boy-next-door looks.

Places Travelled: Found adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, then heading to Zurich, Paris, Goa, Naples and Madrid, Bourne’s certainly seen the sights.

If He Came To Blighty: Bourne headed to London in Ultimatum , but what about a trip to Liverpool – we’re sure he’d make short work of any unsavoury sorts stomping the streets there. (Note: we love you Liverpudlians really.)


The Hero: Boy-sized wonder Atreyu is fantasy world Fantasia’s only hope. A destructive force known only as The Nothing is destroying it, and it’s fallen to the brave young warrior to save the day – and Fantasia.

Places Travelled: Astride his trusted steed Artax, Atreyu quests the many corners of Fantasia for a world-saving solution, coming across the Swamps of Sadness, the Southern Oracle, and the Childlike Empress’ awe-inducing palace.

If He Came To Blighty: Atreyu would get all Seabiscuit on us as a jockey wonderkid.

Detective John McLane

The Hero: Family man first, action hero cop second, John McLane has a smart mouth and the muscle to back it up. After rescuing his wife’s office building from bad guy Alan Rickman in the first Die Hard , he finds himself in further life or death scenarios that all seem to include massive explosions.

Places Travelled: A New York native, McLane travels to Los Angeles and Washington Dulles before heading back to the Big Apple. Carbon footprint minimum.

If He Came To Blighty: A holiday in London might do McLane some good, but the very day he decides to visit the Gherkin it would no doubt be taken over by a bloodthirsty, trigger-happy mob boss…

Forrest Gump

The Hero: Georgia native Gump has had a heck of a life, going from bullied public school kid to Vietnam Hero, ping pong champion and long distance runner. He really believes life is like a box of chocolates...

Places Travelled: A confection of locales have been graced with Gump’s presence, including the aforementioned Vietnam, Washington, and all manner of American landmarks that he runs through.

If He Came To Blighty: If he’d come over here in the ‘80s, you’d probably see him crop up drinking a carton of milk in some documentary/news footage of Margaret Thatcher.

Dian Fossey

The Hero: Kentucky-based Fossey is so inspired by the work of anthropologist Louis Leakey that she dedicates her entire life to the study of primates. But her devotion is soon tested when poachers attempt to kill the very primates she’s attempting to protect.

Places Travelled: Fossey travels from America to the Rwandan jungles in order to live among the gentle furry giants.

If She Came To Blighty: Sadly, Fossey never made it here before her tragic death, but if she had done she’d no doubt have established a ‘Save the Pigeons’ campaign in London.

Rick O'Connell

The Hero: Scruffy ragamuffin and fearless adventurer O’Connell gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to find the lost city of Hamunaptra - there's an undead mummy (the evil kind) laying in wait.

Places Travelled: Mostly Egypt and Manchuria, though he tangos with all sorts of international villains.

If He Came To Blighty: He’s already been here (British wife and all), and had a perilous run-in with a London bus. Just wait ‘til he hears about the Underground…

T.E. Lawrence

The Hero: Morally conflicted war hero Lawrence deals heavy blows to the enemy during World War I, but is troubled by the violence that he is inflicting on others. A British Army lieutenant, he’s therefore something of a misfit.

Places Travelled: Starting out stationed in Cairo, Lawrence then heads to Arabia where he plans attacks on various vulnerable locations.

If He Came To Blighty: British to the core, Lawrence wouldn't be out of place here. The camel might get in the way, though.


The Hero: The One, a prophesised saviour of the world, whose unique powers mean he’s practically a superman when plugged into the Matrix. Not bad for a glorified techno nerd.

Places Travelled: Both inside and outside of the Matrix, Neo has been all over the place, from the non-descript city of his home, to Zion, a castle in the middle of nowhere (as seen in Reloaded) , and the strange ‘subspace’ of Revolutions ' subway.

If He Came To Blighty: His black trenchcoat and sunnies would mark him out as the cool kid at the party. Soon, every shop on Oxford Street would sell Neo coats and sunnies, making it all the more difficult for Agent Smith to find him in a crowd...


The Hero: “Bend me, shape me, any way you want me” is probably a phrase often heard in the Parr household (aka The Incredibles). Living up to her name, Elastigirl is a super-flexible superhero – which comes in handy when she’s attempting to keep control over three rebellious kids.

Places Travelled: Though we’re never told where her superhero escapades took her before the movie (we’re sure they were all exotic), Elastigirl travels to a ‘remote island’ to help save her hubbie when he’s kidnapped by evil genius Syndrome.

If She Came To Blighty: A family holiday over here would inevitably involve a superhero smackdown that causes the destruction of some famous London landmarks.

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