14 Greatest Format-Breaking SF & Fantasy TV Episodes Ever 10

10 Dollhouse
“Epitaph One” (2009)

The thirteenth episode of Joss Whedon’s sadly-canned series (and there’s a phrase we seem to use a lot) has never aired on TV and is only available on the DVD – annoying, considering it’s one of the show’s best. Shot on the fly using handheld cameras, as few locations as possible and for a tiny budget, this is effectively Whedon sending his series into the post-apocalyptic future to show the after-effects of a furious war that seems (from what we can gather) to have been caused by the brain-imprinting technology used by the world’s Dollhouses. Featuring a new cast led by Doctor Horrible ’s Felicia Day, this is a tantalising glimpse of What Could Have Been if the show had been allowed to run its course – and boy, what a course. Dollhouse was definitely heading somewhere very interesting; at least, thanks to this, we managed to have a sneak peek.

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