The 13 Biggest nitpicks of BioShock Infinite

Dimwit and Duke: Worst. Arcade. Ever.

Hold up. What's this? An robotic puppet show? Hmm. Maybe the next one will.... nope. How about these other games? Nope, nope, and about 25 more times nope. Not only were Dimwit and Duke's games the furthest thing from games, but there were only three different versions throughout the whole place. What was once a prime opportunity for diversions quickly turned into Columbia's lamest arcade. What's more, judging by the zero line-ups for any of them, we're guessing Columbians were just as uninterested as we were. Way to let us down, Dimwit.

Press X to be second guessed

Press X to leave area? How about 'Press the Power Button to stop being treated like an idiot child'. Guh!

Awkward lockpicking

Everyone is prone to mood swings, but Booker and Elizabeth had a habit of killing the tension every time they spotted a shiny lock. Elizabeth's response to lockpicking hovered between inappropriately eager and uncharacteristically cocky no matter how she was feeling the moment before. There was no I'm mad as hell, but I'll still pick this lock or I can't believe you skyhooked that dude's face, but I'll unlock this in quiet terror. Instead, whenever Booker pointed out a lock, Elizabeth was all too eager to show off her master unlocking skills. Granted, we're glad she found a hobby in that tower of hers, but would it have killed her to read the situation a little better?

Get a load of THESE apples!

Alright, maybe that's not totally true. Or even a little true. If we're being honest, we're running out of things to complain about. In our defense, those do look pretty lame, right? No? Okay, we're done.

We nitpick because we love

So those are our smallest-yet-most-important gripes about BioShock Infinite, but at the end of the day, they don't really change the quality of the game. Still, if you have any other small complaints you want to share, feel free to join us in making mountains out of molehills in the comments.

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