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127 Hours gets first trailer

Danny Boyle has been doing more than polishing his Oscar (steady…) since Slumdog swept away all before it, and a new trailer has popped up online to prove just that.

Fox Searchlight have released the first teaser trailer for survival drama 127 Hours , and from the looks of things, it promises to be a fairly tense affair.

The film stars James Franco as mountain climber Aron Ralston, who finds himself stuck inside an isolated canyon in the Utah desert when his arm is inconveniently trapped underneath a boulder.

Based on a true story, the film promises to be a challenging watch with regular Boyle collaborator Simon Beaufoy’s script apparently containing an hour or so without any dialogue whatsoever.

Take a look and see what you think…

It looks suitably beautiful, as you’d expect from the team behind Slumdog Millionaire , and it looks as though there’s a fairly stark contrast in tone between Ralston’s early get-up-and-go and his eventual predicament.

It’s the time in which Ralston is trapped however, upon which the film will live or die. Not a lot of that to be seen in this trailer, but as a little morsel to whet the appetite, it works a treat.

127 hours will arrive on screens on November 5th, and with Ryan Reynolds’ Buried also on the way, it looks like survival nightmares will be top of the Autumn agenda!

George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.