120 GB PS3 "rumor and speculation," says Sony

Several "anonymous sources" have this weekend emerged from the woodwork to spread news of the 80GB PS3 being pushed aside to make giving way to a new larger SKU.

Stories suggest that the 80GB SKU currently on saleis due for the chop, with a 120GB version set to replace it.

This would go hand-in-hand with aprevious statementfrom SCEE president and CEO, who hinted last year that a 120GB PS3 could be possible.

"The difference between 60 and 80GB is very small, we just feel that going up 20GB is not worth it," he said, adding: "if you go to double it, it's worth it... so maybe you'll see something a little bit later."
Sony UK, however, dismissed this weekend's reports as "rumor and speculation."

If the rumors turn out to be true, the 80GB console will be the third SKU axed in just over a year since the console's release. But does Sony really need to release another new PS3 so soon? It might be a different story oncePlayTV is up and running.

Above: 80 giggers are sooo 2007

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 28, 2008