12 of your favorite game characters, face-swapped with Nicolas Cage

A symbol of individuality, a belief in personal freedom

Here's where I'd usually explain the concept and background to the feature you're about to read, and in weirder cases, make an attempt to justify its existence. But I don't need to with this one. You already know why it's a good idea, and if not, then frankly you're dead to me.

Click on for glory. And I implore you, do hit the little expansion icon in the top-right of the images, in order to experience the full wonder of maximum Cage.

Nicolas Cage as... Kratos - God of War series

Nicolas Cage as... Ryu - Street Fighter series

Nicolas Cage as... Marcus Fenix - Gears of War series

Nicolas Cage as... Joel and Ellie - The Last of Us

Nicolas Cage as... Ivy Valentine - Soulcalibur series

Nicolas Cage as... The Joker and Harley - Batman: Arkham City

Nicolas Cage as... Chop Chop Master Onion - Parappa the Rapper

Nicolas Cage as... Cortana - Halo series

Nicolas Cage as... Captain Price - CoD: Modern Warfare series

Nicolas Cage as... Madison Paige - Heavy Rain

A hero to all

True story: Nic was my around-the-corner neighbour when he lived in Bath. No word of a lie.

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David Houghton
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