12 things you need to know about Red Dead Redemption

You’ll still be able to slow down time and target six specific areas for a quick-fire blast but this is now exclusive to pistols. The other Dead Eye mode enables a more traditional bullet-time where you can use rifles and shotguns to pick off gringoswith the added bonus ofslowingtime.

Act a fool too much in Red Dead Redemption and the locals will become hostile toward you. As yet, we’ve not seen any fisticuffs involving angry citizens but Wanted posters will pop up in towns with your face on. We’re anticipating the ability to hunt wrong-doers down just like you could when using GTAIV’s Most Wanted police computer.

There’s a full night/day cycle in here. When the sun sets you’ll see campfires illuminating the wastelands. There’s talk of being able to sit down with these campers who’ll tell tales of different things, including the actions of Red. Nice.

It’ll no doubt be an eerie experience at night too, especially with the danger of wolf or bear attacks in the darkness.

We know there will be an online presence in Red Dead Redemption (we saw it on the debug menu) but sadly,Rockstar won’t be showing anything for a while. Still, a huge battle between cowboys and, umm,Native Americans is an exciting prospect.

We’ve not seen any dismemberment yet, but the slow-mo shots are like watching that bit at the beginning of Robocop – y’know where Murphy gets filled with bullets? – but there's plenty tosuggest a rather unpleasant environment.

One mission we watch involves a woman being hung. You have to race to her aid and cut her down but the sight of her feet kicking out is grim. We’ve also seen a bloke being ravaged by cougars and people being dragged behind horses.

Coupled with the roaming tumbleweed, moody soundtrack (which isn’t confirmed but sounds amazing) and merciless bandits,you’ve never been to a place quite like this.

For stringing up foes or simply snagging an animal to skin. And for the cowboy who likes toget up close and personal, he'll also be able to use axes and knives too. No word on brutal scalpings yet though.

The game has sadly been delayed until spring/summer 2010, but considering how great it looks already, this can only mean it's going to be bloody amazing when it does arrive. We can't wait.

28 May, 2009