12 Studio Ghibli soundtracks in one lovely boxset

It doesn't matter if you watch Miyazaki's animated films subbed or dubbed (although let's be honest, subtitled is the way to go), Joe Hisaishi's whimsical musical score can be appreciated all on its own. Princess Mononoke and Ponyo just wouldn't be the same without that heart-stirring orchestral accompaniment. Unless you're lucky enough to live in Japan where you can actually enjoy his music live, the rest of us are going to have to settle for this happy little box. It comes with a bonus CD and a catalog book, along with some of my favorites like Totoro, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and well, all of them. It's going to cost you a pretty penny, but it's also available from cdJapan if you can bribe someone to get it while they're there and bring it back!

If you're not familiar with Joe Hisaishi's work, he recently worked on the excellent JRPG Ni no Kuni with developer Level 5, which you should also check out.

"ponyo ponyo ponyo saka na no ko!" - Ponyo song

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Sophia Tong
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