10 signs you're playing too much Pokemon

We've been playing a lot of Pokemon recently. But is it too much? Here's how to tell. If any of the following sound familiar, it might be time to take a break. Be honest now...

1) You hear the level up chime in your head when you accomplish an everyday task

2) You avoid long grass or take the shortest route through it when you're feeling fatigued

3) You spray insect repellent on your clothes and walk with confidence for 100 paces

4) You tap your watch repeatedly in the hope it will reveal the location of dropped $20 bills.

5) You wonder whether giving your cat some candy will make it evolve into a tiger

6) You make suggestive eye contact with anyone in the street, especially if they're just standing around

7) You fill your bookcases with books on wildlife, but never read them

8) You forgive power cable-chewing mice because they're electric-type, after all.

9) You demand a pin-badge from the manager of your local gym whenever you use it

10) You buy jars of honey for extortionate prices and then slather the contents on tree trunks

Above: It didn't work - Dusty's still a cat. Maybe Yorkie bars aren't rare enough...

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August 9, 2007

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