10 reasons you have to own an Xbox 360

While PS3 and Revolution don't yet exist - they're built from press shots and promises, so far - Xbox 360 is here and it's real. We're about to ride the second wave of games for the machine, which are already looking to squeeze greater performance out of the console, and they're anything but prettied-up versions of current-gen games.

Dead Rising

Capcom's the king of zombie games, but Dead Rising pays homage to the king of zombie movies: Dawn of the Dead.

Set in a shopping mall where hundreds of items, from chainsaws and golf clubs to purses and parasols, can be wielded as weapons against the hundreds of shuffling flesh munchers, it's as much a slapstick comedy as a gore-rich horror. Your only goal is to reach the helicopter on the roof (okay: and maybe take some Pulitzer-worthy pics as well). How you do so is up to you.

Dead Rising will be lunging for your brains by May.