10 chick flicks that won't make you vomit

Bring It On

Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku star in a frankly dumb cheerleader movie. Fortunately, it's a dumb movie that knows it's a dumb movie, so revels in lashings of irony and sarcasm.

Well worth it for our leads and their outfits but also for the cheerleaders' achingly camp coach and his fabulous spirit fingers!

Thelma And Louise

Ultimate chick flick with a dazzling cast including Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel and of course, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as the downtrodden women who break out of their humdrum lives to take a road trip that swiftly goes horribly wrong.

A classic tale of female friendship and the all-round dizzying crapness of bad, bad MEN.

The Princess Bride

Guns! Car chases! Clare Danes looking absurdly hot! Shakespeare never seemed so much fun as in this brilliant adap by Strictly Ballroom's Baz Luhrmann, who sticks to the original dialogue but updates its setting to fictional Verona Beach.

An excellent soundtrack and lashings of eye candy for all.

Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna basically plays Madonna in this offbeat '80s comedy. Bored housewife Rosanna Arquette follows the fortunes of lovers Susan and Jim through the personals of a New York tabloid.

Add an improbable sub-plot of stolen earrings and a magic club MC'd by John Turturro and you have an ace mistaken identity romp.


Guilty pleasure brat-pack flick from John Hughes, starring James Spader as head of the rich kids, Andrew McCarthy as the Boy Who Falls For 'The Girl From The
Wrong Side Of The Tracks' and a cute Molly Ringwald as said TGFTWSOTT.

Add a corking soundtrack, a crappy pink frock and a breakout performance from Jon Cryer and, hey - what's not to love?

The Stepford Wives

Not the dingbat remake with La Kidman, but the classic brain-frying sci-fi original. Brilliantly suspenseful '70s paranoia thriller-making blends with radical feminism
to create a truly scary movie.

Starring a foxy Katharine Ross, this will earn blokes a billion 'sensitive to women's issues' points while still allowing them to enjoy an ace sci-fi flick.

Mean Girls

A cursory glance would suggest Mean Girls is a high-school-drama-by-numbersbutthatwould be very wrong. Written by Saturday Night Live genius Tina Fey, this sharply observed coming of age caper is a reminder that Lindsay Lohan used to be known for more than her yo-yo-ing visits to rehab.

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