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10 best drinking video games

Dec 13, 2007

Everyone hates a dull holiday party. So, after a very scientific survey involving people raising their hands as we shouted out questions, we've determined that there are two main causes for sucky year-end get togethers. The first is relatives and friends who don't play video games. The second is sobriety.

Thus, we here at GamesRadar have set out to eradicate these two poopers of the holiday party. Thanks to some surprisingly enthusiastic lab testing, we've come up with this list of video games - and corresponding drinking games - to help liven things up. These aren't necessarily the 10 best games ever - they're just our surest picks to have your party rocking, your console working overtime, and the largest selection of your guests barfing in your neighbor's petunia patch.

Editor's Note: Obviously, this is targeted toward our over-21 readers. GamesRadar does not advocate underaged consumption of alcohol. So parents, please: no letters about how we encouraged your 15 year-old to drink.

Above: Snorlax knows how to party

10. Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii, predecessors on GameCube and N64)

What it is:
A gladiator-style bloodbath in which teams of Pokemon, those lovable, cuddly fantasy critters, savagely maul and pummel one another into unconsciousness.

Why it's perfect:
It's violent enough for a man, but cute enough for a woman and thus, perfect for a mixed crowd. Plus, because this is basically turn-based prizefighting, the whole crowd can get involved by "betting" drinks on the action. Just be warned: if the ladies see too many cute critters getting pounded, they may turn on the game (hence its 10th-place standing). Have a friendlier back-up ready.

Where does the booze go?
For the main competitors, it's easy: each battle's overall loser drinks a whole glass of whatever. For the audience, it's all about betting upon which pokemon will do more damage each turn, or possibly risking it all on who'll win the overall battle.