You don't know Metal Gear Solid 4

Nov 1, 2007

We know - that new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer (the one with the monkey in a diaper) hit a while ago, but we're sure you haven't watched it a few dozen times like we have. With Konami recently announcing that the game has been delayed  to accomodate "further improvements", we're sure MGS4 will be the system seller the PS3 so desperately needs. Here we have the top nine revelations you missed in the latest trailer, which you can see below.

Olga has a daughter named... Sunny
In MGS2, The Patriots abduct Olga Gurlukovich's child (Sunny), forcing her to double cross the Russians - and help Raiden. Disguised as Ninja, Olga reveals their plot, before being killed by Solidus. Raiden vows to find Olga's daughter. In MGS4, Sunny plays a "key role" - the "sun" around which the other characters revolve. Who's her dad? We expect the shock answer in MGS4…

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