X-Men: The Official Game - Hands On

Iceman's levels are the most unique in The Official Game. Instead of running around on foot, you're gliding on an elevated, always-moving ice slide. One of the missions is trying to protect a massive nuclear reactor from overloading - the catch being there's a gargantuan fire snake tangled around it. As you blast icy beams and frozen shrapnel at the snake, it burps out tiny, maneuverable fire raptors that try to burn down the facility. It's a matter of keeping them in check and slowly twiddling down the snake's energy.

When you're not in a free-flying arena, Iceman's missions are much morelike an old fashioned, "fly through the tunnel andblow crapstuff" sci-fishooterin nature. As you see above, you'll barrel down one path, blasting anything that moves, much like the final Death Star run of Star Wars.

Iceman's aerial moves are pretty limited. You've got a 180 degree turnaround, but there's no quick-cutting loop or banking turns to whip out in a close call. If you're smacked a little too hard, you can fall off the slide and crash into the ground below - but stability is one of Iceman's upgradeable aspects, so that's not going to pose a problem for long.