WTF work time fun hands-on

Once we were done sorting baby chickens and running away from man-eating monsters, WTF 's selection of "tools" caught our collective eyes. Once you've unlocked them, your PSP will be able to calculate the correct server tip, give you the time in any zone on the planet or act as the instigator for a game of truth or dare. The latter had the PSP barking orders to whoever was in the room, issuing such challenges as "finish the other person's plate without using your hands." WTF, indeed.

As you attempt to buy new games and tools, you'll also receive random items that don't serve any purpose other than collecting. Like what? Oh, a spiked mace or a doll of a spaghetti-covered man - totally useless but curious nonetheless. You'll be able to trade these items with other people, and leave comments on that item so your pals always know what you thought of it.

Only five of the 40 games are multiplayer, but you'll still be able to beam over demos of WTF to pals and play with just one disc. The best part? When they play, the money they earn goes back to you, effectively making you the boss. Finally. About time you got out of that dead-end job.