Worms: Open Warfare 2

You've also got nine utilites the go 'round, including the ninja rope, which you'll need to yank your worm across the map in the supplementtal race mode. Also here is a Puzzle mode that presents the challenge of surviving scenerios as a lone worm with a limited aresenal, and Fort mode which sees two sides of worms lobbing projectiles at each other's hold-outs.

The games AI has been amped up so computer based adversaries will act less predictably as in the past. A nice feature, sure, but single-player campaigns are hardly the reason Worms is beloved to a nation of gamers. The multiplayer is where Worms has always shined brightest, and we're pleased to announce that Open Warfare 2 has exactly what last years version sorely lacked: Online play. In addition to single cart hand-offs, players can now hook up online with a Wi-Fi connection as well as track stats.

Customization has been expanded as well; you'll be able to tailor hats, flags, victory dances, and gravestones to your liking. The level editor will allow you to create your own battle lanscapes, saving up to three at a time. And by the grace of your stylus, drilling holes and positioning your worm has never been so easy.

Speaking ofmaking the most of your stylus, the DS boasts three exclusive mini-games: Draw, Blast and Blow. In these modes, you'll draw lines toguide your worm toa goal, keep him in the air with tap-executed explosions, and send a parachutedfella home with a respiratory expulsion (blowing in the mic). And if you thought the DS version meager in the face of other Worms iterations, than you'll be happy to know that Open Warfare 2 was created using a new graphics engine and sports a new look with the action now occuring over both screens.

We'll have more for you soon, including a review in the coming weeks.Or you can keep checking theofficial site, as they will soon be unveiling the remaining secret levels.