Wonder Woman - everything you need to know

Great Hera and Merciful Minerva, it's finally happening. After several Superman flicks, about a million Batman films, and now a so-so Superman and Batman movie just to make sure we got the point, Wonder Woman is finally charging onto the screen in her own solo adventure. Now everyone who saw Dawn of Justice for just a glimpse of Princess Diana will be getting a much heftier dose in just a year's time, now scheduled to premiere a full month before originally advertised.

At the moment there isn't much we know about the film other than the fact that it exists - which, hey, that's pretty good on its own. However, a single still, a bit of footage, and a few casually dropped comments from those closest to the project can give us an idea of what waits for Diana Prince when she makes her second, much longer silver-screen appearance.

The plot

Get ready for a shocker - Wonder Woman's big screen solo debut will focus on her origin story. Suffering Sappho! But in this case, that's actually pretty appropriate, as the beginning of Wonder Woman's story isn't nearly as ubiquitous and well-known as her those of her partners in justice doling. Plus, the story of Princess Diana's birth and early life has changed dramatically over the years (the Amazons' bondage-loving culture has been toned down in recent times, for instance), so it would be useful to know just what iteration of Wonder Woman we're dealing with by the time the Justice League movie rolls around.

While it isn't much to go off of, the bit of footage and promotional images that we've seen so far have started to paint an interesting picture of the film's plot. Created by the gods to protect the world of men, the Amazons of Themyscira have abandoned that world, deeming it unworthy. Princess Diana is the only one to question their inaction;according to actress Gal Gadot, at this point in her life Diana is "more naive and pure and she’s this young idealist who does not understand the complexities of men and life".

We know that this movie takes place in the same continuity as Superman v Batman, where Diana is significantly wiser and at least a little more bitter, so clearly this journey is going to have a pretty big impact on her.

In 1910, a short few years before World War 1, Diana travels to the outside world to protect those she was always meant to save - but, based on her comments about abandoning humans for a hundred years in Batman v Superman, that might not go so well.

The cast

After proving to be the shining beacon of greatness in an otherwise lackluster Batman v Superman, Gal Godot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the solo film. She'll basically have to work backwards from playing an experienced, self-assured version of Diana to one who is just getting her feet under her. She's joined by Connie Nielson as Queen Hippolyta, Diana's mother and ruler of the Amazons; Robin Wright as Diana's aunt General Antiope; Lisa Loven Kongsli as her other aunt Melanippe; Chris Pine as Diana's first love (and the first man she's ever seen) Steve Trevor; and, perhaps most interesting of all, Lucy Davis as Diana's best friend Etta Candy.

How exactly these characters will be put to use is still in question - given how regularly they've been re-imagined over the last few decades, they could all be involved in a wide variety of plots and still remain true to their comic selves. Etta alone has gone from sassy sorority sister to Wonder Woman understudy to a highly trained intelligence officer since Wonder Woman's first issue, and half the time she and Steve are more interested in each other than either of them are in the Amazonian goddess. In addition, Antiope famously falls from grace when she trusts the wrong man, ultimately ending in her death long before Diana was even born. Chances are some liberties are being taken with the Wonder Woman canon here, but we'll have to wait until next year to see how many.

The director

For a while it seemed like the directorial chair for Wonder Woman came with a revolving door attached, because the project couldn't hold onto a director - Joss Whedon and Michelle MacLaren both left the project due to creative differences with Warner, setting it back years. Finally, in April 2015 director Patty Jenkins officially took on the project, and looks to be the person that will see it through to the end.

If that name sounds familiar, it should. In addition to her work on the likes of Monster and Arrested Development (the two most different things ever committed to film), Jenkins was also the original person tapped to direct Thor 2 before she left (or was asked to leave, depending on who you believe) over "creative differences." That didn't sit well with actress Natalie Portman, who allegedly agreed to reprise her role as Jane Foster specifically for the chance to work with Jenkins.

So, tallying that up, Jenkins has an impressive directorial background, valuable experience with stories about women, the respect of talented actors, and firsthand knowledge of what it takes to direct a superhero film. That's a pretty exciting list of qualifications, so it'll be interesting to see what she does with them when it comes to Wonder Woman.


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