Winstone takes on 50 Cent

“I’ve never experienced so much male testosterone!” Control legend Sam Riley has told of his time shooting 13 – a remake of the ace 2005 French life-or-death gambling flick Tzameti.

Present and buff? Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Ray Winstone and… 50 Cent. “Ray calls him Two Bob!” laughs Riley. “‘Which one’s Two Bob, which one’s Two Bob, Sammy?’ ‘He’s the big one behind you mate!’”

It seems on-set piss-taking isn't restricted to rappers either, with Riley saying how with Rourke “jetting back and forth promoting” The Wrestler, the BAFTA-winner nabbed the nickname of “Half-Day Mickey”.

“He’d always piss off and do whatever it was he was meant to be doing somewhere else. I think he really feels lucky and he’s just milking it for all it's worth,” says Riley of the Oscar-favourite. “And good on him.”

The New York-set remake isn’t shot-for-shot, but is “more or less” the same story as the original that delved into the nefarious world of underground Russian roulette. 

And for further evidence of that “male testosterone” look no further than Ultimate Fighting Champion Don Frye, playing a bruiser. “He has a big Magnum PI moustache and is built like a brick shithouse,” laughs Riley.

“I thought it was like WWF so I said, ‘What was your stagename?’ and he was like, ‘You fucking Brit!’ And they showed me this stuff of him pummelling this 7ft Japanese guy until he looked like he needed proper brain surgery and I can’t stomach that stuff. I’m the skinny sensitive type!”

13 – directed by Géla Babluani, who also made the original – is due out in 2010. See the next issue of Total Film Magazine for more details and pics.

Who would win in a ruck between Ray, The Stath, Fiddy, The Wrestler and, er, the bloke who played Ian Curtis?



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