The Wii can be one noisy box. Internal whirring, the welcome chime, the clicking as you pass over the Wii channels - even the most minor of Wii sessions is a guaranteed aural bombardment. However, listen carefully and you’ll find that the little white box is capable of syringing hot tuneful goodness through this waxy build-up of irksome clicks and beeps - and so it is with this semi-medical purpose in mind that we present the choicest Wii musical cuts currently available. Most of them can be heard here.

Twilight Princess - Orchestral theme
Koji Kondo’s opening video orchestral medley is brooding, light, exciting and gentle all in one - the perfect taster of the game that is to come. If only the rest of the tunes weren’t cursed with damned MIDI.

Red Steel - Choir theme
Big budget sound for a big budget title. Tom Salta’s opening theme includes traditional Japanese stringed instruments the Koto and Shamisen, and everyone’s favorite bamboo flute, the Shakuhachi.

Wing Island - Conk island
Floaty and uplifting. The game is pure chickenfeed but the soundtrack channels a soaring sense of heroism - and reminds us of Hayao Miyazaki’s amazing witchcraft/bakery film Kiki’s Delivery Service.

WarioWare - Form Baton training
Nothing gets you in the mood for a lesson in arm-flailing better than the deep sultry grooves that accompany Wario ’s obscenely smooth narrator.

Twilight Princess - Wolf duets
When Link takes to the sky with the Golden Wolf to howl a duet in the moonlight there’s nary a dry eye in our office. A lip trembler/goose bump inducer of the highest order.

Super Monkey Ball - Jungle Jumble
Whatever it was that made early 90’s TV quiz show themes so memorable, Jungle Jumble has it, and has it in spades. Rambunctious, brassy and almost farcical in its never-ending sanity-degrading joviality.

Picture Channel - Nostalgia
This track is presumably named “Nostalgia” due to the synth-heavy sound taking listeners back to school days’ memories of hammering away at chopsticks on a Casio keyboard.

Wii Sports Baseball - That’s the game
Composed by Mario Paint and Wave Race 64 legend Kazumi “Voice of Yoshi” Totaka - though his trademark secret song has yet to be discovered in the game.

Weather Channel
Come rain or shine you’re guaranteed a sunny blast of mental rain cloud-destroying beats when you boot up the Weather Channel. Makes you want to frolic through the fields.

Picture Channel - Doodle
Very Hotel Dusk. We’ve no idea why Nintendo equates subdued jazz beats with drawing comedy moustaches - or worse - on people’s faces, but we’re glad that they did.


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