When bosses go big

Our pick of the most oversized overlords

Metallo, Superman Returns: The Videogame
If the upcoming Superman Returns game devotedly followed the plot of the film, the worst Supes would have to come up against would be a megalomaniacal property developer. But EA has instead skimmed through the rogues' gallery of the comics until their eye was caught by Metallo in a skyscraper-high, scrap-metal robot exoskeleton.

Above: It's a boss fight with a twist, as Supes is indestructible - but Metropolis is very much destructible

Following his trail of devastation through Metropolis - having seen it in action, we can report you won't need a guide arrow - looks to be the game's highlight. Luckily, like any proper videogame boss, his suit has the design flaw of an obvious weak point in the centre of his chest.

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