What the hell happened to 2009?

Delay! Cancellation! Disappointment! A sad look at everything you WON'T be playing this year

Back in January of this year, we switched on our doom-and-gloom machine and predicted which of 2009%26rsquo;s most anticipated titles would inevitably be pushed back to 2010. We didn%26rsquo;t want to be right. In fact, we spent the next six months wishing, hoping and praying that the industry would prove us wrong.

It didn%26rsquo;t.Every game on that list has now either been delayed, heavily rumored as delayed, publicized so little that we can only assume it%26rsquo;s delayed or, in one special case, cancelled altogether. But that was just the beginning. Over the past few weeks, we%26rsquo;ve watched in horror and guilt as more than a dozen additional titles %26ndash; including some very heavy hitters we never would%26rsquo;ve predicted %26ndash; were sent scurrying into the next decade as well.

Here, then, is the damage%26hellip; the tattered remnants of what 2009 could have been. We%26rsquo;ll mourn each lost game and try to give you some perspective on why the release date had to change. Then, we%26rsquo;ll dry your bitter tears with an optimistic look at the stuff that%26rsquo;s still left.

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