Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 1: The Draenei

Join us as we explore the newest additions to the World of Warcraft

There was one quest that we found particularly awesome that we acquired from a bear-like Furbolg in the center of the city of Azure Watch. The quest led us from one elaborate totem to another, and each time we found one a Furbolg ghost would lead us to the next. The twist was that the Furbolg ghosts had special abilities they would temporarily imbue us with. One Furbolg ghost granted us the ability to float for a few minutes, enabling us to leap from tremendous heights without fear, while another Furbolg ghost transformed us into a ghostly panther that was invisible to everyone and could run at unparalleled speeds. As far as quests go, this was one of the most innovative we've ever seen and broke from the average quest style into rad new territory... something that seems to be a theme with this new expansion.