Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 1: The Draenei

Eager to progress, we hurried on to the shattered remains of the Draenei mothership the Exodar - now serving as the main Draenei base of operations. The titanic dimensional ship has been converted into a giant city, similar to the human capital of Stormwind or the Dwarven capital of Ironforge. Within it's crystalline walls, adventurers can find any and all profession and class trainers in addition to the usual amenities found in the great cities like a bank, auction house and various retailers. Of course, we had little interest in any of that once we spied the Elekk vendor just outside the city's main gate.

The Elekk are large elephant-like creatures that the Draenei use as mounts. An Elekk handler that tends to the beasts had a quest for us that would send us tromping off on one of our own (if only for a short time). While this was basically just an Elekk ride (we couldn't control the alien pachyderm), it was still a welcome alternative to walking. Once our trusty steed deposited us on Bloodmyst Isle, we polished off the quests that awaited there to open up another chance to ride an Elekk. This time, we got to hold the reigns and guide our Elekk around Azuremyst Isle in an effort to warn the various Human, Furbolg and Draenei settlements of some impeding disaster. Who cares what the reason was, we were just excited to ride an Elekk.