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    *All Saturn cheats are available in the PC version. When translating Saturn cheats to the PC keyboard, make the following substitutions:
    Button A is now DEL
    Button B is now END
    Button C is now PgDn
    Start is now ENTER
    Play as Gold Dural:
    1. In the Character Selection menu, press Down, Up, Right then DEL+Left
    2. If it worked you will hear a woosh sound
    Play as Silver Dural:
    1. At the character select screen, enter Down, Up, Right, DEL+Left
    2. You will hear a "swoosh" sound effect if you entered it correctly.
    Add Dural to the Records screen:
    1. At the "Press Start" screen, enter Up 17 times the Enter
    2 .Now enter the options screen, and you should hear "Ring Out."
    3. Dural's stats are now on the Records screen.
    Ring Size and Stage Select:
    1. At the "Press Start" screen, enter Up 12 times then ENTER
    2. Now enter the options screen, and you should hear "K.O."
    3. Move the cursor down to Exit, then press down once more.
    4. The cursor will disappear.
    5. Press DEL and a second options screen will appear.
    View Credits:
    1. Hold the DEL button down during the opening demos to see the names of
    the makers of VF
    Slow motion replays:
    1. At the end of a round, press and hold DEL+END+PgDn and the replay will
    be in "super-slow-mo".
    View from other camera angles (in Watch Mode):
    1. Press F7
    Choose the victory taunt:
    1. Hold either DEL, END, or PgDn before the character does his/her victory
    stance and you will be able to select which one you see.
    2. There is also one reserved for when you get an "Excellent!"
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