Virtua Fighter 5 trailer hits

[PS3] Extra-shiny fighter looks even better in motion

We've been showing static screens of it for months now, but today we're finally able to bring you a glimpse of Virtua Fighter 5 in motion. The new trailer, just unleashed by publisher Sega, is the best look we've had of the martial-arts fighter so far (aside from the Japanese arcade machine, anyway).

The new video features a very good look at new fighters El Blaze and Eileen, as well as plenty of smooth new ass-kickery by old favorites including Akira, Jacky, Lau and Pai. The game - due out in early 2007, exclusively for the PS3 - looks great in the trailer, and having played it ourselves at E3, we can testify that yes, that really is gameplay you're seeing. Hit the Movies tab above to check it out for yourself.

July 11, 2006


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