Universe at War: Earth Assault

On the eve of the release of Supreme Commander comes another challenger for the Real Time Strategy crown - an effort from the creators of Star Wars: Empire At War that’s not only going to wipe out the population of planet Earth, but is also so deep that it’ll make your mouse weep.

“The first mission starts off in Washington DC, and it gets hit HARD,” smiles Adam Isgreen (the man with the deranged job title of "design visionary" at developer Petroglyph), in a dainty preamble before we leap into Earth Assault’s staggering list of original features. “Almost every continent is going to get devastated. Australia might make it out alive... We’ll see."

“The year is 2012, and humans have just found out that they’re not alone in the galaxy. Not only are they not alone, but the new arrivals aren’t friendly in the least,” continues Isgreen with knowing understatement. “The invaders are not here to conquer - they’re here to harvest."

“Massive walking machines consume plant, animal and mineral without distinction. Hordes of invading ground troops herd humans into enormous mass drivers, launching them up to the invader’s ships that orbit the planet, never to be seen again. Our game begins on the eve of the last day of human resistance… Or is it?”


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