Universe at War: Earth Assault

Get off our land

On the eve of the release of Supreme Commander comes another challenger for the Real Time Strategy crown - an effort from the creators of Star Wars: Empire At War that%26rsquo;s not only going to wipe out the population of planet Earth, but is also so deep that it%26rsquo;ll make your mouse weep.

%26ldquo;The first mission starts off in Washington DC, and it gets hit HARD,%26rdquo; smiles Adam Isgreen (the man with the deranged job title of "design visionary" at developer Petroglyph), in a dainty preamble before we leap into Earth Assault%26rsquo;s staggering list of original features. %26ldquo;Almost every continent is going to get devastated. Australia might make it out alive... We%26rsquo;ll see."

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