Undertow drifts onto Xbox Live

Once again, humanity is on the verge of a watery demise, and this time not even Al Gore or a gilled Kevin Costner can save us. So what's a species to do when a race of aquatic aliens melts the polar icecaps and raises ocean levels in a vile attempt to turn the planet we keep all our pets and appliances on into a giant wading pool of doom?

Luckily, Captain Nemo and a few of his minions have survived the "wettening," as well as the Iron Marines; man's last, government-sanctioned, hope. Can this unlikeliest of truces protect us from a lung full of liquid? Not if the Atlantians have anything to say about it. It appears that the citizens of the long-thought-dead civilization of Atlantis have thawed from their frozen, Walt Disney-like, cryostasis, and aren't going to give up the planet without a fight either.

And fight you shall. Not only does Undertow sport a 15 mission co-op and single player campaign, but up to 16 players can have it out online in this upcoming game (developed with the Unreal Engine 3) available soon on Xbox Live Marketplace game. The trailer below shows off just a bit of the action-oriented gameplay to be had out with Undertow's four upgradeable unit types. Looks damn good for an Xbox Live game, and if the price is right - we'll take the plunge.

April 23, 2007


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