Ultra Mega-Mega South Park DVD contest

Sept 11, 2007

Two weeks ago we asked you to South Park-ify your favorite game characters for an almost illegal amount of South Park DVDs during ourretrospective feature on the boys and their games. And what better occasion to run your kick ass submissions than on the heels ofSouth Park's Emmy win for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour), beating out such stiff competition as The Simpsons, Robot Chicken and, uh, Avatar?

Not only is this the show's second Emmy award, but it's the second time an episode centered around video games ran away with the dangerously pointy statue (the first being PSP-centricBest Friends Forever.) Sure, we absolutely lovedMake Love, Not Warcraft(click here for clips) but who'da thunk those Everybody Loves Raymond-loving stuffed-shirts at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciencesgave a shit aboutfoul-mouthed eight years olds in the land of Azeroth? So to applaud their momentary lapse in awful taste, here's some of our favorite of the contest submissions, with the winners announced at the end.

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Above: Everyone's favorite Hyrulian (is that right) was one of the most popular entries, and with good reason. Throw on a green nightcap and you're halfway there.