Two new clips from Django Unchained: watch now

Django Unchained has released a pair of new clips online, and they're the perfect Christmas gift for any Tarantino fans wondering whether his latest offering will live up to the hype…

The first shows Leonardo DiCaprio swanning around in a velvet smoking jacket as Calvin Candie, curiously feeling out Django (Jamie Foxx) while swamping Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz) in sickly bonhomie.

T he second shows a furtive conversation between Django and Schultz in which the latter rebukes the former for antagonising Candie, before Django reminds him of some of the heinous things he's seen at the hands of the white man.

Take a look below…

As far as we're concerned, both clips are utterly electric, with the performances from the three leads proving particularly spellbinding. Foxx and DiCaprio are especially impressive, with both men grappling to conceal a capacity for violence that seems to be lurking just below the surface…

Co-starring Don Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington, Django Unchained will open in the UK on 18 January 2013. We can hardly wait.


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