Turok - hands-on

Lush jungles and bloody stabbings combine in what could be the best dinosaur hunt in years

If you don't time it right, however, the dinosaurs will knock Turok to the ground and attempt to take a big bite out of his face. If that happens, you'll have to madly mash buttons to either shove the raptors away or stab them in the neck until they decide to back off for a second. Whatever happens, it's a lot more hands-on than just trying to shoot them.

Dinosaurs aren't always a threat, however, and if you don't agitate them - which you can do by shooting flares, shooting them, threatening their eggs (seriously, berserk dinos will start wriggling out of tiny fissures in the walls if you do that) or getting close to them in any way whatsoever - they'll leave you alone. Probably. At any rate, you've got bigger fish to fry.


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