's Online Review Of The Year Part One

Lindsay Lohan goes nude, Indy gets old, The Dark Knight stays viral...

2008 was a tumultuous year for the internet. We were pulled all over the place by The Dark Knight’s viral campaign, we were tortured by the promise of Cloverfield monster images and we had half of Iron Man revealed to us in picture form.

We’ve gone through the whole year and, over the next four days, we'll be revisting the stories that mattered to us in 2008. Click on the highlighted sentences to go to all the original stories from a year that opened with a tragedy and closed with a bang.



February Was the month that Lindsay Lohan took off all of her clothes to show us her boobies for a story that actually made us proclaim the immortal phrase ‘ye Gods’. In other news, the Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull trailer finally arrived… with all the guns taken away . If only they could have edited out all the rubbish bits from the finished film. But then three-minute flicks don’t tend to do that much money at the box office. Oh, and we had a new Dark Knight viral to ponder . Ace.


March Shia LaBeouf got arrested , we had a new Dark Knight viral , and a description of The Dark Knight trailer – yes, these were the days when even someone telling us what happened in the trailer got us excited. Lindsay Lohan rejected Eli Roth for being too old – hilarious – and we found out that Iron Man was going to be in The Incredible Hulk . A significant month for comic-book geeks, then.

Come back tomorrow for Part Two of our Online Review Of The Year. In the meantime, what were some of your 2008 highlights? Tell us below!