Too Human

Is Silicon Knight's next worth getting excited about?

Six long years. That%26rsquo;s how long fans of developer Silicon Knights%26rsquo; vampiric adventure Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain had to wait before getting their hands on the Canadian code-bearer%26rsquo;s next project, Eternal Darkness: Sanity%26rsquo;s Requiem.

Not that there were many fans left waiting, it would seem - their 2002 Lovecraft-inspired third-person mind-spinner tanked spectacularly. Which was a bit of a shame; it was a truly wonderful scare-a-palooza which used the fourth wall brilliantly to disorientate the player (the game would deliberately %26ldquo;crash%26rdquo; and display error messages solely to freak you out). It deserved a bigger showcase than the narrow GameCube audience it reached.


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