Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam - meet the noobs

When Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam hits the PS2 in May, it'll do so with a ton of new features, not the least of which are three new faces in its lineup of cartoonish skate-thugs. To give you a first-class introduction to the new guys, we've scored a few exclusive clips of their kick-flipping, cliff-grinding, opponent-kicking antics during the insanely high-speed skateboard races that set Downhill Jam apart from the rest of the Tony Hawk series. They might not be real-life pros, but the newbies look more than tough enough to hold their own against the rest of the game's outlandish crew. The first one's down below - hit the page tabs at left to check out the other two.


Hailing from Hong Kong, Fang is one cool skater. Big ego? Sure, why not? Fang doesn’t really need to compete in races, but he does it for the fortune and fame of it all. Fang is fast and well balanced, but he isn’t the best jumper. He doesn’t have a lot of need to show off by jumping high and doing fancy tricks in the air, because, hey, in his mind, he's always the winner. 


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