Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Day two

Welcome to Part 2 of our Tomb Raider Anniversary coverage. Crystal Dynamics game designer Jason Bottais ready to talk us through the changes the team has made to one of the original Tomb Raider's most memorable levels - the Lost Valley. Bring your dino-hunting hat...

How has the Lost Valley changed from the original game?

Actually in the original game it didn't really work - it was actually supposed to be a valley with the open sky above but, because of the limitations of the hardware, lots of that part was in a cave. So the first thing we did, we opened it up to the sky - it changed the whole feel of the environment. But overall, the feeling of the space when you came in and the floor of this valley that was lush and green in contrast to the rest of what you'd been in before - you know, up until that point with caves and grey and a little bit of running water and what-not - and er the fact is all still there.