Time Crisis 4 headed for PS3?

Lightgun shooter heading to Sony's console, claim retailers

Remember those 'light gun' games the kids used to rave about back in the day? Well, according to several US retailers the latest version of Nacmo's screen-shooting Time Crisis series is heading to console.

Time Crisis 4 is due for PlayStation 3 in November this year, if EBGames and GameStop listings are to be believed.

The retailers also claim that a new version of Namco's nostalgic gun controller the Guncon is on the way for PS3 - which is a bit of luck really because we can't really imagine playing Time Crisis very well without it.

Unfortunately, Namco wasn't available for comment at the time of writing - but perhaps this is the company's already confirmed "new shooting game?" Fingers crossed, we suppose.

March 26, 2007