The Urbz: Sims in the City

They dance, they fight, they breath fire! Those kids from Sim City have certainly come a long way, says GamesMaster

Don't be different, blend in. Don't have your own opinions, go with the crowd. Don't choose your own clothes, just do it! These are all valuable - and painful - lessons we have learnt from playing The Urbz, that and the fact that 'weasel packing' isn't a metaphor. It's a job, but you do still need the rubber gloves.

For a Sim raised in the 'burbs (where the greatest danger is a singed microwave meal or lost lover) learning to fit-in on these mean streets is the key to surviving and thriving. Nasty surprises can lurk around and on every corner. So while the little chap might be down and dope with the hip-hop kids around Grand Central, those high-fashion high-tops are going to be trampled on if he wanders into the world of the steel-toe capped biker boys on Gasoline Row.

Yep, to stay alive in this town you'll need to know which of the nine districts belong to which gang and how to dress when you arrive there.

But natty tatts and neat tops aren't the only way to build up your Sim's status in this segmented city; your attitude is as much a label as Lacoste. So as you move through the nine areas that make up the nine levels you can choose to keep your character chaste and pure or play it rough and tough. Soft or hard, either way you need to gain points and pounds by making friends, then and only then can you fulfil your grand plan, to become the most well-loved, wealthiest and integrated Sim in the whole city!

The Urbz: Sims in the City will hit the streets on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and GBA on 12 November

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