The Top 7... games that are cheaper than therapy

Got a crippling mental disorder? We've got something to treat it

Depression - LocoRoco

It doesn't matter how low you're feeling, how much pain is in your soul or how dark the path ahead looks. Whether you're clinical or just feeling weepy, you can't look at this and not crack a smile:

Above: D'aww. They're like puppies made of jelly

If LocoRoco's cheery, rolling blobs can make grown editors want to cry tears of joy, just imagine what they can do for you. When things look grim and you need something to convince you that everything's going to be all right, don't go listeining to some CD by the latest crop of guitar-slinging ladyboys who moan about slitting their wrists because their mothers won't let them get tattoos. Just fire this up instead and get happy already, you big wet baby.


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