The Slacker's Guide to World of Warcraft

Titan Panel

We've saved the ultimate in laziness-promoters for the very last. Titan Panel puts a little bar on the top of your screen, the bottom of your screen or both that contains a massive amount of information at a glance. It displays current server time, the number of bag slots you have available (and lets you open them all with one click), the amount of experience you've earned and how long until you'll level at that rate, your current PvP rank and how much honor you've earned, how much ranged ammo you have left and even the total bonuses you're receiving from all of your gear... whew. And that's not even everything it can show you in those two tiny, unobtrusive, magical bars. It'll even auto-hide if you find it annoying and the information shown is completely customizable so you only see the stuff you want to see. Known as the everlasting overlord of all WoW add-ons, Titan Panel is indispensable for World of Warcraft players that can't be bothered to crunch numbers or keep track of statistics.