The Slacker's Guide to World of Warcraft


Watching the chat window that displays important combat information is a hassle, especially given the tiny size of the chat text (even at its largest font size). Why strain your eyes looking for those tiny crit listings when you can have World of Warcraft shout it directly into your face? ScrollingCombatText eliminates the labor of squinting at tiny-text representations of the damage, healing and buffs you take by putting big fat announcements right in the center of the screen. These eye-catching reports of your impending demise scroll up the screen so that you can see in what order and frequency monsters hack pieces off of you. Of course, text size, color, animation speed and location are all editable, so if you want to actually see your character deliver the hurt, you can move the announcements off to the side of your screen or shrink them down for precious screen real estate. As an added bonus, it will shout out for healing for you when you reach a certain percentage of your health, which is a fantastic way to both get heals and annoy passersby.