The Slacker's Guide to World of Warcraft


How the heck is anyone supposed to control 40 unruly and loot-hungry raiders? No individual can muster the patience to accomplish this insurmountable task, and that's exactly why you need CT_RaidAssist. Even if you're not the high-falutin' raid leader, you'll get invited to a bunch more raids if you come strapped with this add-on. It adds tons of little doo-dads that help the raid leader figure out what is going on in his/her raid... but it only feeds the raid leader this info if you have it too, so take it easy on the raid leader and grab it (it is free, after all). Beyond the enhanced help it gives your raid leader, it enables the leader to set up special little buttons next to your group icons (pictured above) so that you don't even have to target things. Just click on the buttons and you'll target whatever the Main Tank (leet-speak for "the meat-sack with the most armor") is attacking. Finally, those days of being kicked from the raid for accidentally attacking a sheeped opponent and getting everyone horribly eviscerated are gone -you'll never have to suffer such humiliation again thanks to CT_RaidAssist.