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Rogue Galaxy and White Knight Story are laid bare as we chat up their creator

Hino: But the biggest change we made to the game is the game balance. With the Japanese version, we felt that some parts left something to be desired, and that was just truly limited by the development time; we just ran out of time. For the US version, we wanted to basically make a complete version, to realize our original vision of what we originally planned out.

Another improvement we made is to Insectron, which is a mini-game where you collect insects from throughout the galaxy, and you can raise them and grow them and enter them into this tournament called Insectron Tournament. For the Japanese version, it was a single-player experience. But for the US, we actually added a versus mode where users will be able to load their characters into a memory card and play against their friends, or you can actually generate a password which actually has all your insects’ profiles, and either online or whatever you can actually share that information so other people can play against your Insectrons. So with the US version, we incorporated the user comments and opinions we had for the Japanese version, as well as (those of) the staff, (and) what we wanted to do to create this perfect version for the US.


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