Tested: Thrustmaster WiFi Key

Thursday 8 June 2006
Own a PSP but no WiFi connection? Be an offline exile no longer - Thrustmaster is releasing an 'Easy to Install' USB WiFi key to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot, just like Nintendo's dongle for DS. To see how easy it is to get started with WiFi, we hooked the gizmo up ourselves.

The pack contains the USB key, software and a poseable cable; sticking your dongle in a vertical position improves the signal, see. The software talks you through each step of installing the WiFi key, and even takes you through the process of setting up your PSP to connect to it.

Just 10 minutes after tearing open the plastic we were online. Thrustmaster's user-friendly setup is a real improvement on Nintendo's fairly confusing official WiFi key software, which can be a struggle to work with. Our only concern is that the signal on Thrustmaster's dongle can be erratic, drifting from top quality to half-strength, no matter how close you are.

Above: Thrustmaster's USB WiFi Key for PSP, which will also work with your DS

But, fortunately, it's not enough to terminate your connection. And, as we discovered after a bit of fiddling, any fluctuations are more likely to be the cable losing connection with the USB slot than the actual WiFi key dropping in power. If it really bothers you, plugging the dongle straight into the PC without the cable is your best solution for a more constant signal.

This useful dongle also works with a DS, or any other WiFi enabled device, despite this being heavily branded as a PSP accessory. If you're not set up with a wireless connection at home, this is a far cheaper option than upgrading your PC hardware, and just about as reliable too.

Thrustmaster's WiFi USB key for PSP is released tomorrow, priced at £30 - you can head over to and bag yourself one right now.


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