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Tamagotchi No Pika Pika Daitouryou! [import] review

Tamagotchi for president? We've seen worse


  • Unbelievably cute
  • Clever graphical style
  • Another multiplayer Wii game


  • Minigames not enjoyable at all
  • Everything is mundane
  • Watching a Tamogotchi mug someone

Clearly bent on taking over the world, the Tamagotchi critters are using a Wii multiplayer board game to decide on a President to lead them into battle. Up to four people can play, with the AI filling in if you (surely inexplicably) find yourself playing Tamagotchi on your own. Start by shaking the remote to throw a die, and move around the board to land on a square where: a) you%26rsquo;re rewarded for doing nothing at all, b) you%26rsquo;re penalised for doing nothing at all, c) you%26rsquo;ll get richer after watching a cutscene of your character mugging someone (like real politicians) or, d) you trigger a minigame.

More tedious than a party political broadcast and about as interactive, the minigames are distressingly awful. Compared to something like WarioWare, having to play a mundane Paper, Scissors,Rockgame which is solved by pressing the right, left or top side of the D-pad is just embarrassing. There are some better minigames, which involve aiming, shaking or twisting the remote, but these are very short and mostly laboured, repetitive PR stunts like kissing babies.

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DescriptionMore tedious than a political party broadcast and about as interactive, the minigames are distressingly awful.
Release date:2 December 2006 (US), 2 December 2006 (UK)
Available platforms:Wii
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