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Splinter Cell: CONVICTION, StarCraft CORRUPTION, Halo 2 CREMATION, and several other C-words make up this week’s podcast

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You'll never play these again after April 15%26hellip; at least not online

Somebody told you wrong

Why do humans want sex with cats? Warning: Extreme Engrish!

Well, the folk who know what Starcraft is, anyway

As you%26rsquo;ve no doubt heard by now, ALL original Xbox games went offline this week and we%26rsquo;re pretty broken up about it. Okay, it%26rsquo;s not like many of us were still playing them, but console gamers are used to even their oldest game remaining 100% playable forever....So: What game wouldbreak your heart if the multiplayer were removed at anytimein the future?

In the office

Above: Rats off to Lizzie Cuevas this week for organizing theHalo 2 funeraland pulling the whole thing off splendidly!

Above: A green, group pic from our lastever Halo 2 match

Above:Readerswent crazy over Chris',admittedly, slightlydisrespectfulSplinter Cell: Convictionreview

Above: And from the LUCKY BASTARD! File: Brett is off playing Capcom games in Hawaii

In the community

Above: Thanks to The Monarch, we are the stars of Kick Ass

Above: chrisandcheesepizza brings to life an Operation Wolfmisunderstanding

Above: hatebreeder drew an amazing pic of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. Thentossed our name in for good measure. (NOTE: We approve of this!)

Above: graboids puts a veryrealistic spin on Chris' Tony Stark fantasies

Above: flabslapper put together an unflatteringtribute toTalkRadar's favorite... just watch the video

Post date: April 16,2010
T-Dar97 length: 2:10:08
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