TalkRadar 48 - police are involved

Eco-friendly games, Left 4 Dead goofs, BioShock 2 and a chance to win a Rock Band 2 bundle

The Top 7%26hellip; greenest games%26ndash; eco-friendly games to play while your giant TV sucks up enough energy to feed a family of Transformers for a week.

Above: The best way to get kids excited about Mother Nature

The Game Boy turns 20%26ndash; several GamesRadar editors suddenly realize they are nearly 30 and therefore barely human.

Above: No wonder it%26rsquo;s the best-selling handheld of all time

Capcom teaser site appears%26ndash; it really, really wants to take you for a ride.

Above: A big hint, andBrett%26rsquo;s first videogame crush%26hellip; in no particular order

How BioShock 2 will be better than the first%26ndash; 10 reasons Charlie Barratt will remember for future Top 7 lists.

Above: 100 Achievement Points could be at stake. Or a Trophy of some description

Thanks to the fine folks at game trading emporium,, we%26rsquo;re giving you the chance to win a Rock Band 2 bundle on your platform of choice!Runner-up prizes include boosted Goozex accounts, AND anybody whosigns up for an accountusing the coupon code %26lsquo;GamesRadar%26rsquo; gets FOUR FREE transactions on the internet%26rsquo;s premiere game trading site!

TO WIN: See the Goozex dino-dragon mascot above? Incorporate it into a picture of your favorite game and you couldtake home the booty. Find out morehere.

Question 32: What's a plainly obvious gameplay puzzle that took you forever to get?

Above: Street Fighter IV nat%26rsquo;l champions were AWESOME

Above: We begin podcasting when the sky is happy and bright%26hellip;

Above: %26hellip;and end up here until 10:00 anyway. Hey guys, what%26rsquo;s so interesting???

Fallout 3: The Pitt contest winners%26ndash; listen to TalkRadar long enough, and you%26rsquo;ll eventually win something. Free DLC, in this case.

Above: Steely McBeam was our favorite %26ldquo;design a mutant%26rdquo; entry

Above: A busy week in fanart land, first with somerandomchap%26rsquo;s Scarface homage

Above: FalconMBuster apparently likes our long tirades about giving away fhreeee fahv dolla footlongs outtathe prize vaaaaaaan!

Above: KREATIVE appears yet again, this time echoing the main image from our very first podcast

Above: Two EXCELLENT dolphin arts this week, this one from Clustershart and other you%26rsquo;ll want tocheck outfrom manaconda

Above: Last but not least is Greed%26rsquo;s herculean Ducktales effort using only his wits and Gary%26rsquo;s Mod

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April 24, 2009
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