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We've reviewed Lost and Damned and Street Fighter IV. Plus, beautiful music too good for the US

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02-20-09 | 2:06:10 | Intro song byAnamanaguchi

The Top 7%26hellip; worst games in great games
Ahhhh Blitzball%26hellip;

Street Fighter IV
PlayStation: The Official Magazine%26rsquo;s Scott Butterworth is here to talk about his glowing Street Fighter review.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
PENIS! Or a discussion of the most significant DLC ever released.

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?

Noby Noby Boy
PSN%26rsquo;s newest game from the creator of Katamari continues to baffle.

Earthbound/Mother 2 will never be rereleased!
And we%26rsquo;re playing what%26rsquo;s alleged to be the reason why.

Red Ring of Death over?
Microsoft claims an end to the affliction that%26rsquo;s affected over half the 360s of our readers and staff.

Dead Space: Extraction on Wii!
Survival Horror goes all first-person and waggle-licious.

Activision to sue EA over Brutal Legend?
Rumors of what could be the greediest grudge of all time.

G4 cutting back on its game-related shows
More airings of Ninja Warrior and Arrested Development are our bittersweet silver lining.

Question 23: What%26rsquo;s the most effort you've put into getting a single game?- answer in our invitingforums!


Quote of the Week:
%26ldquo;Blitzball is about as fun as playing hacky sack in the womb.%26rdquo;

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Above: Photoshop a thong and you could win a FREE copy of X-Blades on the PS3 or 360!

Above: Our wonderful listeners plead for sanity during the harshest days of console wartime

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Closing Jam: Dialima tu Kafe%26rsquo; by Diggi Dis, Zeratul

Feb 20, 2009


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