TalkRadar 18

Our podcast is finally old enough to vote! We celebrate with talk of piracy, Wii Music and new franchises that already feel old

After a long two-week absence, Shane Patterson rejoins the crew just in time to celebrate TalkRadar%26rsquo;s 18th birthday. With our podcast finally old enough to vote, buy cigarettes and go to the mall by itself, we briefly put aside our usual yammering for a weirdly serious talk about the ethics of software piracy.

But don%26rsquo;t worry - it%26rsquo;s then back to dick jokes and a spirited discussion about Star Wars, Wii Music, new games that already feel stale and an appearance by occasional guest reviewer Duke %26ldquo;Duke%26rdquo; Lombardi, who wants to talk to us about something called a %26ldquo;petz.%26rdquo;

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

09-12-08 | Length - 1:26:07 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7%26hellip; New franchises that already feel old%26ndash; They%26rsquo;ve been around for a few years at most, but they%26rsquo;ve already worn out their welcome.

Nintendo releases Wii Music %26ldquo;dog%26rdquo; trailer%26ndash; Wow, really?

Yakuza 2%26ndash; This Japanese-flavored, PS2-only sequel finally arrives on our shores this week after a two-year wait. Does it have a chance in hell?

Spore DRM%26ndash; The most hotly anticipated PC game of 2008 comes with the most hotly despised copyright-protection scheme ever.

Lock%26rsquo;s Quest%26ndash; Who%26rsquo;s actually heard of this? Show of hands? Apparentlyit's good.

Piracy vs Theft%26ndash; Turns out this is a touchy subject. Who knew?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed%26ndash; Oh, sure, it looks awesome. But how fun is it, really?

Mercenaries 2 on PS2: How bad is it?%26ndash; Really bad. We have proof:

Finally, Brett poses two questions to the other editors %26ndash; you can share your own answers by following the links below:
Question 1: Are you a liar?
Question 2: Are you a freak?


Quote of the week:
%26ldquo;Did that kid in the videogame shirt just say he has a crush on every boy?%26rdquo;

Above: Chris and Shane attempt to out-testosterone each other. Duke Lombardi wins

Above: Mikel disapproves, but not as strongly as Brett disapproves of the spider on the back of his neck


Above: Brett nonchalantly %26ldquo;stretches,%26rdquo; showing off his rippling, sculpted Spider-Man shirt

Above: Shane invents a new dance called the %26ldquo;hyperactive child%26rdquo;

Above: Meanwhile, Charlie Barratt prefers to capture video of old games instead of joining in the fun. We are shocked and outraged

Sep 12, 2008

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